Internet Connections

Internet Connections

Internet connections are like roads: we depend on them for so much and when they go wrong it gets painful very quickly!

  • Dedicated Fibre Lines

    With increasing numbers of services delivered over the cloud, a reliable internet connection has never been more important. From financial accounts to phone systems, a fast, reliable line has never been more important. We believe these are worth considering from a team size of 10+ and our fantastic partners deliver a reliable service at great prices, both in Central London and across the UK. Prices have dropped considerably in recent years - it would be worth checking pricing again if you haven't recently!

  • Broadband over a phone line

    If you're after an ADSL / ADSL2+ / Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) service, our experience has been that service provider selection matters most in this part of the market. Our chosen partner of many years is IDnet who have consistently rated at the very top of independent industry assessments for their line speeds and support service.

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