Our Mission

Our Mission

Releasing Potential.

We want to see organisations doing the best they can.  We know that for some, IT just seems to get in the way of progress rather than being an enabler. Our desire is to serve the best interests of each organisation we work for and bring together everything they need to transform how they work.

And critically, how can you be sure your service provider is working in your best interests?

Why are we doing this?

Fluid IT was started because of the frustrations of 4 small charities unable to get the advice that would guarantee the best spend of their money in IT.  The approach, ethos and culture of this company has been built over the years to ensure we do everything we can to put the success of our clients first.

How does that happen?

It was important to us to make sure we were accountable to this mission, and we have gone as far as filing the BCorporation Articles of Association. Those commit us to the success of our stakeholders which includes our clients, suppliers, the environment, local community and more.  We think that is an exciting remit and we work hard at improving our own impact every year.

So what difference does that actually make?

That means we put client success ahead of revenue growth: if it is appropriate to move a charity to Microsoft's free email and file hosting offering on Office 365, we will do that, rather than selling them a new server.

We go beyond testing solutions for technical viability; we also work hard to ensure their contracts are appropriate for the services they offer and that their pricing is a good fit for our clients.

It means we provide a portal to our clients, so they can review all open and historic support requests, see which technician did what work, on which date.  We provide full reporting on our Service Desk work logs, that go directly from our systems, unfiltered to our clients so they can see how we are actually performing.  We don't want to just be transparent in the service we provide, we want to be accountable too.



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