Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

There are increasing numbers of services which are now cloud delivered.  At Fluid IT, we believe it is important to explore whether a move to the cloud is appropriate for your organisation and for which parts of your team.  We partner with some cloud service providers, and can help support many others besides.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    For those who need to create media - whether images, video or audio, this tool set is second to none. With an enormous, high-quality stock image library available, cloud storage for your digital assets, libraries that will travel from your computer to your iPad, design templates, effects libraries and tablet-specific apps, get inspired and get creating!

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Covering everything from hosting files, to industry-leading email hosting, Skype for Business, and application licenses for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. this is a flexible and comprehensive offering we can help design and implement to fit your needs.

  • Google Suite

    Including Google Drive for your files, GMail's iconic webmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and more. A flexible offering loved for its powerful search functionality.

  • Cloud account backups

    It is worth noting that GSuite and 365 only have very limited built-in backups of the data, with 14-30 day retention periods being typical depending on implementations. If you want to ensure your documents and emails have been properly backed up and protected, it is important to implement a service that will accomplish that properly. Do contact us for a service that takes the backup directly from the cloud and we can tailor the retention policy to suit your needs.

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