IT Strategy

IT Strategy

Experience has taught us that most organisations are clear on what they would like to achieve, however identifying the best technical tools and approach when everything change so fast is often a difficult challenge to deal with!

Only once we understand what our clients are trying to achieve and what their success looks like can we begin to design and provide the solutions that will best accomplish that work.

Strategy workshop

Our strategy workshop involves a 2hr session with the senior leadership team of an organisation.  The aims are to establish:

  1. The goals of the organisation as well as the business model
  2. The component parts of the organisation
  3. The biggest risks the organisation faces
  4. What the biggest challenges are they would like to overcome

We know that there are some areas that go beyond the boundaries of our work, and so we partner with a Chief Information Officer (a CIO, or 'IT Strategist') from another BCorporation to facilitate these sessions to help provide insights into the areas beyond our own expertise.  Taking the information from these sessions, we work with the CIO to build a slide deck that shows what opportunities are available to the organisation - like Mobile Device Management (the ability to wipe mobile devices remotely if they get lost), or Content filtering (the ability to block inappropriate content from web browsers.)  These can then be profiled for:

  • Impact on your organisation
  • Estimated budgets to implement
  • Risk of not undertaking the work

Once these assessments have been completed for all opportunities, they can be presented in a single matrix.  This shows impact against cost, with each point being a different size to represent the scale of risk of doing nothing about it.  We have found this to be an extremely powerful tool for helping to prioritise technical projects in a way that best supports the desired outcomes of our client organisations.

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