Managed Services

Managed Services

Every organisation knows that IT security, and reliable systems are key to their success. Fluid IT can take on the burden of managing this for you covering the following areas:

  • We take the complexity out of deploying and managing cloud-based email and collaborative working across your organisation using Office 365 
  • We can help to reduce the risk of data loss or corruption and improve your IT security through managed backups and remote management of PCs, Macs and mobile devices. 
  • We provide effective controls on spam and malicious internet content that can result in big headaches for your organisation and teams. 
  • We minimise the impact of system downtime through reliable hosting coupled with advanced 24*7 monitoring tools
  • Protecting your devices

    We have solutions for anti-virus, anti-malware and automated security patching of Windows and Mac computers across your whole organisation.

  • Blocking access to content

    We can effectively control the websites which can be viewed by people using your computers and network, which reduces the risk for staff and increases IT security of all devices on your network.

  • Antispam

    We administer tools to control spam and malicious email content getting into your organisation. This automatically protects you from Spam. Ads, fraud schemes, porn, viruses, phishing attempts and other inappropriate content being delivered to your staff's inboxes.

  • Mobile device security

    Protect your data while maintaining productivity for your employees on the mobile devices and apps they choose. Our mobile device management service provides integrated data protection and compliance capabilities that let you be precise about what data different users can access, as well as what they can do with the data within Office and other mobile apps. We can remotely wipe a device if it is lost or stolen

  • Hosting

    Let us take on the headache of hosting your web site and your critical business applications. We make sure that your environment is sized correctly to cope with growth of users and data, whilst ensuring it is cost-effective, monitored, secure and kept up to date.

  • Online backups

    Backups are often neglected or don't actually work when they are most needed. We provide solutions that automate backing up your data onto a secure cloud-based environment that remove those challenges for you.

  • Infrastructure monitoring

    No matter how good your technology, outages and failures can occur. The key to dealing with these situations is to react rapidly to remediate them. Our pro-active infrastructure monitoring solution can alert our engineers to an issue automatically so that they know about a problem the moment it occurs

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